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CYTO 2014 Daily News – Thursday, 22 May

Thank You for Attending CYTO 2014: Cytometry Advancing Science! See You in Glasgow for CYTO 2015 Held June 26-30!

ISAC President-Elect Paul Wallace, Treasurer Rachel Errington and Four New Council Members Began Their Term Yesterday

On the last day of CYTO 2014, several people started their terms on the ISAC Council based on the results of elections held in April. Paul Wallace is the new President-Elect from 2014-2016. His presidency will begin on the last day of CYTO 2016.

Rachel Errington is ISAC treasurer from 2014-2018. The four new council members are Monica Delay, David Haviland, Jessica Houston, and Adrian Smith, and their term is from 2014-2018.

Several people retired from the ISAC Council yesterday. Thank you to Paul J. Smith, the retiring past-president, for his many years of service on the ISAC Council! ISAC also appreciates all the many contributions made by retiring Council Members Grace Marie Chojnowski, Andrea Cossarizza, Derek C. Davies, and Mario Roederer.

ISAC Honors and Recognizes Great Accomplishments of Fellow Cytometrists during Yesterday’s Awards Ceremony

The following individuals were honored by Master of Ceremonies Paul J. Smith and ISAC for their accomplishments in cytometry.

2014-2018 ISAC Scholars
Jessica Houston
Xu Huang
Hervé Luche
Yolanda Mahnke
Carolina Wählby

2014-2018 Shared Resource Lab (SRL) Emerging Leaders
Andy Filby
Michael Gregory
Robert Salomon

Cytometry Part A: 2013 Best Paper Award
John P. Nolan, Danilo Condello, Erika Duggan, Mark Naivar and David Novo
Visible and Near Infrared Fluorescence Spectral Flow Cytometry

Distinguished Service Award
Gary Durack
Jim Jett

Membership Award
J. Paul Robinson

The Fulwyler Award for Innovation Excellence
David Hedley

The Outstanding Poster Award winners, the finalist Exceptional Award finalists and winner, and the President’s Award for Excellence finalists and winner were recognized as well.

Save the Date for CYTO 2015!

CYTO 2015 Chair Alan Waggoner, Carnegie Mellon University, and the organizing committee are already hard at work planning a strong scientific program for next year. Be sure to plan to attend CYTO 2015: 30th Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry from June 26-30, 2015, in Glasgow, Scotland.

ISAC’s Cytometry Education Continues All Year Long at CYTO U!

CYTO U is ISAC’s online portal for on-demand, peer-reviewed cytometry education. The heart of CYTO U will be a set of multi-module courses on flow and image cytometry technologies and applications, and the first course on Flow Cytometry Biosafety launched in April. CYTO U also has other content such as recorded sessions from the CYTO conference, a regular webinar series, and other features designed to enable cytometrists from around the world to interact with leaders in the field and with each other. Check out CYTO U at http://cytou.peachnewmedia.com today!

The driving principle for CYTO U is to maximize community access to high quality educational materials, and access to CYTO U is free for all ISAC members, and at a nominal charge to non-members. Coupled with ISAC’s sliding scale for membership dues, CYTO U is intended to make cytometry education both accessible and affordable. Of course, live lectures and lab courses offered by ISAC and others in the cytometry community will continue to play an important role in cytometry education, one that will be complemented by CYTO U.

ISAC and CYTO U to Offer June Webinar on Spectral Flow Cytometry

Past President John Nolan will present a webinar on spectral flow cytometry in June on CYTO U. A specific date, title and further details will be posted when confirmed on CYTO U at: http://cytou.peachnewmedia.com.

Take Your Career and Lab to the Next Level by Becoming a Certified Cytometrist

Becoming a certified cytometrist tells the scientific community that you have cytometry expertise and experience. This proof of competence should increase your chances of getting that job or grant. It will increase your prestige and give you a competitive advantage compared to noncertified cytometrists.

Preparing for the exam will help you increase your knowledge of cytometry. The ICCE can give you a professional goal to work towards. Becoming a certified cytometrist will give you pride of accomplishment and that sense of satisfaction that comes with achieving an important goal!

ISAC is an approved provider of continuing education for the ICCE certification. Any one hour of ISAC education programming is worth one credit of ICCE continuing education, and CTYO 2014 is worth 28 ICCE continuing education credits. For more information on the International Cytometry Certification Examination and how to become a certified cytometrist, visit http://cytometrycertification.org.

See You in Glasgow Next Year for CYTO 2015!

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