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CYTO 2014 will focus on cutting-edge cytometry opening new horizons in analyzing biology on the level of individual cells.  Recent developments in flow cytometry, advanced microscopy and data evaluation enable a new understanding of basic molecular mechanisms and human disease.  Join us at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center and experience
Cytometry Advancing Science through:

Robert Hooke Lecture:
  • Max Cooper, Emory University, USA, on the immune system of lampreys and the cytometric potential of lamprey antibodies
State of the Art Cytometry:
  • Xiaomei Yan, Xiamen University, China, on development of high sensitivity flow cytometry for the quantitative analysis of natural and synthetic nanoparticles
  • Raluca Niesner, DRFZ Berlin, Germany, on dynamic non-linear optical imaging in living organisms
  • Andrea Cossarizza, University of Modena, Italy, on cytometry of human aging and longevity
Challenges in Data Evaluation:
  • Tim Mosmann, University of Rochester Medical Center, USA, on informatics and cytometry
  • Gustavo Rohde, Carnegie Mellon, USA, on informatics and imaging
New Targets of Cytometry:
  • Falk Hiepe, DRFZ Berlin, Germany, on cytometry of secretion
  • Emily Park, BD Biosciences, USA, on detection of low abundant RNA
  • Stefan Miltenyi, Miltenyi Biotech, Germany, on sorting for therapeutic and industrial use
  • Dirk Busch, University of Munich, Germany, on single T cell fate tracking and its implications for immunotherapy
Cytometry of Differentiation:
  • William Telford, National Institutes of Health, USA, on full spectrum excitation in flow cytometry: The "other side" of multiparametric flow
  • J. Christopher Love, MIT, USA, on nanowell-based cytometry
  • Irving Weissman, Stanford School of Medicine, USA, on normal and neoplastic stem cells
Cytometry of Cells in Motion:
  • Michael Gerner, National Institutes of Health, USA, on histo cytometry
  • Yu-Li Wang, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, on cellular mechanical interactions
  • Pratip Chattopadhyay, NIAID, NIH, USA, on parameter flow cytometry
Cytomery of Cancer Metastasis:
  • Peter Kuhn, Scripps Research Institute, USA, on cytometry of cancer and metastasis
  • David Hedley, Ontario Cancer Institute, Canada, advanced flow cytometry applications for solid tumors
Specialized Presentations:
  • Shared Resource Lab Track - From beginning to end, CYTO 2014 will feature tutorials, workshops, lectures, forums and more that address the needs for Shared Resource Lab and core managers and staff.
  • FlowCAP - A forum presented by a consortium to test the performance of flow cytometry analysis algorithms against standardization data sets.
  • CYTO Innovation - This forum for discussing the challenges and opportunities for the development and commercialization of cell analysis technologies will explore coping with change for science and business.
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