2015 Exhibits & Sponsorship Service Kit and Shipping Information

The Exhibitor Service Kit will help with all of your exhibit planning needs!  Here you will find the Official Contractor forms which are included on the GES online ordering system. 

GES has been appointed as the general contractor for the CYTO Conference. Forms for ordering electric, furniture, carpeting, shipping, telephone/internet and various other needs are included in the exhibitor service kit

General Contractor
Global Experience Specialists (GES) Ltd.
Silverstone Drive
Gallagher Business Park
Coventry, West Midlands  CV6 6PA

Phone: 44 2476 380 180
Fax: 44 2476 380 221
Email: congress2@ges.com

Service Kit Forms:
Click here for the GES online ordering system
Click here for PDF file of GES, XPress Leads and shipping from U.S.A.
Click here for Catering at your booth

Exhibitor Registration:
Click here for Online Exhibitor Registration

Booth design
Height restriction is 8'.2" (2.5 meters)

The back wall of the display is limited to 8'.2" inches high. Models or to-scale drawings of content exhibits must be submitted in advance to GES for approval at congress2@ges.comHanging signs are not permitted.

Island Booths
Height restriction 25'

In island booth units, bordered on four sides by aisles, the full cubic content of the space may be used. Models or to-scale drawings of cubic content exhibits must be submitted in advance to Exhibit Management for approval to avoid problems during exhibit set-up. Hanging signs are permitted.

End Cap Booths
An End Cap Booth is a booth that has open sides on three aisles.  CYTO does not permit End Cap booths.


Shipping Information/Forms:

GES will handle advance warehouse shipments for international freight.  Please view the GES online link (above).

U.S. shipping information starts on page 35 in the CYTO - 2015 Manual

Exhibit Management Order forms:
  Mail list order form
  Giveaway Form

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