2015 Program CYTO First Time Attendees' Welcome & Orientation Tea
Friday, June 26
17:45 - 18:45

Is this your first time attending CYTO?  ISAC Welcomes you to its 30th International Congress - CYTO 2015!

All first time attendees as well as nonmember registrants are invited to a Welcome & Orientation. New attendees are welcome to join the CYTO family for afternoon tea and to meet new friends. The session will be informal and friendly with the opportunity to meet with old timers of the CYTO conferences as well as other first time attendees.
During the event, you will meet ISAC Council members, the Membership Services Committee members (MSC), and other leaders of ISAC.  Peter Lopez, ISAC Council member and chair of the MSC, will make opening remarks, and representatives from the ISAC Scholars and Shared Resource Lab Emerging Leaders programs will speak about their first CYTOs and advice they have to share. After the formal presentation, attendees will be encouraged to network with each other and ISAC Leaders, who will be sitting at different tables throughout the room. 
There will be opportunity to ask questions; find out the resources available at the conference; bring up specific topics of interest and request to be put in contact with specific cytometrists who will also be attending CYTO 2015.
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