2015 Program CYTO Innovation
Saturday, June 27
1430 - 1800

This forum explores the challenges and opportunities for the development and commercialization of cell analysis technologies and will focus on cytometry in a world demanding rapid responses to emerging global health issues.

Creating Health and Wealth through Cell Therapy
John Brown, CBE, FRSE, United Kingdom

Cytometry Technology Speeding the Response to Global Health Issues
Francis Mandy, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, South Africa

Sound Technology for Infectious Disease Diagnostics
Julien Reboud, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom


Accelerating New Technologies into Medical Practice (panel discussion)
Moderators: Allen Poirson, Paul Smith
Panelists: John Brown, Francis Mandy, Julien Reboud, Mario Roederer
Industry Representative: TBD

Technology Showcase Presentations

1712    Vivienne Williams, Cellix Ltd, Portable, Low-Cost Haematology Analyzer
1718    Karthik Balakrishnan, Nodexus Inc., Label-free multiparametric single cell            
           screening and isolation platform
1724    Jose Morachis, NanoCellect Biomedical Inc., Small personal benchtop cell sorter
1730    Scott Cribbes, Nexcelom Bioscience, 3D Tumor Spheroid Imaging Cytometric
           Analysis Method
1736    Robert Nooney, Biomedical Diagnostics Institute, High Brightness Cyanine Dye
           Doped Silica Nanoparticles
1742    Erika A. PEYROTTE, Project BIOSCIENCIA, Innovative solutions for antibody
1748    Peter Kiesel et al, PARC, Multiplexed flow assay based on absorption-encoded
           beads with compact read-out
1754    Joseph Zock, IntelliCyt Corp., Analysis and Visualization Software for High   
           Throughput Flow

Session Ends

Apply to Participate in the Technology Showcase!
A highlight of CYTO Innovation 2015, scheduled for Saturday, June 27 from 2:30 – 6:00 p.m., is the technology showcases.  The 5-7 minute technology showcase presentations allow scientists and engineers who plan or have started to commercialize new technologies for cell analysis (instrumentation, software, labels, automation, …) to present their plans to an audience of cytometrists, other entrepreneurs, and established business people to obtain feedback, develop contacts, and potentially funding connections. Several presenters from past CYTO Innovation sessions have entered business arrangements with large companies after their presentation.
A Technology Showcase presentation should
  • provide a short, concise description of the plan on how to take the idea to market
  • explain the application area and the impact the technology will have on the practice of cytometry
  • explain the novelty of the idea
  • describe the level of implementation
  • ask for feedback from members of the audience
Application to present in the Showcase should be submitted using this application form. For the 2015 session, preference will be given to technologies which address global health issues; however, technologies for other application areas of cellular analysis will also be considered.
Applications will be reviewed by the senior ISAC leaders and scientists who make up the CYTO Innovation steering committee.
The deadline to submit this application has been extended to Friday, June 5.
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