2015 Program ESCCA Guest Symposium
Clinical Cell Analysis - Highlights from Europe
Clincal Cell Analysis - Highlights from Europe is a joint Session of ISAC and ESCCA, the European Society for Clinical Cell Analysis. ESCCA is an ISAC associated society that fosters the education, know-how dissemination, standardization of flow-cytometry and its implementation in pre-clinical and clinical cell analysis.

Linking more than 45 European countries and in association with numerous European national societies, ESCCA organizes international conferences and training courses and national education program in local languages. ESCCA is involved in certification programs.
The Session highlights recent developments in pre-clinical and clinical cell sorting and in the advancement of European standards for clinical cytometry.

Real Time Cytometry
Jose-Enrique O'Connor, The University of Valencia, Spain

Endothelial Progenitor Cells and Cancer
Silvia Della Bella, University of Milan & Humanitas Clinical and Research Center, Italy

Overview on European Contribution on Cytometry
Katherina Psarra, Evangelismos Hospital, Greece
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