2015 Program Parallel Sessions
1100 - 1230

Flow Cytometry Instrumentation

Evaluation of cell sorting aerosols and containment by an optical airborne particle counter
Measurement of light scattering in backward hemisphere: a new way for the study of platelet aggregation with scanning flow cytometry
Tunable green fiber lasers with expanded wavelength ranges for flow cytometry
The LED Pulser : A New Device for Instrument Characterization and Panel Development
Low-Latency Time-Resolved Fluorescence Lifetime Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting using a CMOS Silicon Photomultiplier

Mass Spec and Flow Cytometry Data Analysis 1

The first multi-center comparative study using a novel technology mass cytometry Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer (CyTOF2) for high-speed acquisition of highly multi-parametric single cell data: a status report.
Measuring Protein-Protein Interactions by Fluorescence Lifetime Flow Cytometry
High content dissection of human melanoma tumor heterogeneity during treatment using mass cytometry
Modeling human immune dynamics in surgery and at steady state with mass cytometry

Image Cytometry 1

Cell-o-pane - an interactive environment for the visualisation and interrogation of cellular lineage data derived from timelapse microscopy.
A multifunction workstation underpinning lanthanide-based luminescence techniques
Optimal 3D Segmentation of Cell Nuclei in Tissue and Acinar Structures
Precise pinpointing of luminescent targets empowers quantitative scanning cytometry

Immunology 1

A Reference Framework for Modeling a Dynamic Immune System
Cell Surface Proteomics Reveals Changes Associated with TGFlower case Greek beta Induced EMT in Lung Cancer
Flow cytometry of the intestinal microbiota in health and chronic inflammation
Use of Flow Cytometry and Correlate GFP Fluorescence Lifetimes to pH Shifts in Macrophage cells infected by E. Coli

New Probes, Assays, Biomarkers 1

Phenotypic changes on blood neutrophils differentiate patients with sepsis from those with non-infectious systemic inflammation.
SmartFlare Probes detect only the translationally available mRNA in live cells, but not the total pool of mRNA quantified by real-time RT-PCR; a novel limitation of the method.
Genomic Cytometry: flow analysis and sorting of rare cancer cells using qRT-PCR signatures on a single cell basis
DOTS qPCR: a handheld, rapid molecular diagnostic tool for pathogens

SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 2015
1100 - 1230

Mass Spec and Flow Cytometry Data Analysis 2

Connecting the Dots - a Literature Based Global View of the Immune Inter-Cellular Circuitry
Deep profiling of the murine myelopoietic system: signalling and cell cycle responses to neurotropic viral infection profiled by mass cytometry (CyTOF)
Detection and high dimensional phenotyping of HIV-specific T-cell responses by mass cytometry (CyTOF)
Comparative exploration of multi-dimensional flow cytometry software to analyze the influence of pMHC-TCR affinity on T cell polyfunctionality

Flow Cytometry Data Analysis, Informatics 1

Automated supervised and unsupervised analysis of big flow cytometry data: Results from the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium
Improving AutoGate's automation of discovery gating
Latent Modeling of Flow Cytometry Cell Populations for Joint Automated Gating
Data confidentiality, integrity, and authentication in the Archival Cytometry Standard (ACS)

Cell Cycle, Proliferation and Death

Validation of a whole-blood in vitro assay immunotoxicity of chemical compounds based on quantitative analysis of NF-KB translocation by imaging flow cytometry
Resistance to Intrinsic Apoptosis Stimuli in Lymphocytes: a Role for Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Nuclear apoptotic volume decrease in individual cells: time-lapse confocal microscopy imaging and molecular-kinetic modeling
G2 transit times in pancreatic cancer, their relationship to genomic instability, and the therapeutic potential of G2 checkpoint inhibitors

Other Biological Applications of Cytometry

Characterising the Heterogeneity of Inheritance Across Mitosis
Subcellular Cytometry - quantitative 3-dimensiona analysis of discrete subcellular structures and events applied to studies of DNA damage and repair
Examining Inheritance during Mitosis, in U-2OS cells, using Quantum Dot Labelled Vesicles.
Acoustically Enhanced High Throughput Flow Cytometry for Remote Plankton Monitoring

Immunology 2

Flow cytometry in vivo: recent advances
Flow Cytometry-Based Assay for Detection of BCR-ABL Fusion Protein in Blood Cells from CML Patients
Cytometric determination of mobility of memory lymphocytes
Improved molecular genetic analysis of clinical FFPE tissue cores using combined image-based cell selection with dielectrophoretic movement (DEPArray) and NGS

MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2015
1100 - 1230

New Probes, Assays, Biomarkers 2

Cell-based Biomarkers of Infection/Sepsis: Critical assessment from the perspective of needing rapid time to result.
Selection and Optimization of Near-infrared Fluoromodules for Imaging Through Tissue
Identification of immunosenescence-associated gene signatures in purified cells of the human innate and adaptive immune system
An extracellular vesicle probe effectiveness comparison using simultaneous labelling

Flow Cytometry, Data Analysis, Informatics 2

Automated analysis of flow cytometry data to reduce inter-lab variation in detection of MHC multimer binding T cells
FlowJo Exchange : A Means of Meeting the Computational Needs of the Flow Community
A Novel Flow Cytometric Cell Cycle ER Stress Model for the study of Autophagy
immunoClust - an Automated Pipeline for Population Detection in Flow Cytometry

Immune Monitoring, Therapeutics, Tumors, Biology 1

Modeling Cell-Surface Proteomic Changes Associated with Neoplastic Transformation and Invasion
Multiparametric flow cytometric in vitro toxicity assays on rat cell lines for risk assessment and classification of chemical compound
Cytometry of anticancer prodrug OCT1002 activation and targeting using in vitro and in vivo models of tumour hypoxia
High throughput and quantitative measurements of integrin conformational changes using fluorescence lifetime-dependent cytometry

Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine, Diagnostics

The stem cell orchestra - a non-narrative approach to communicate experimental processes
Barcoding and tracking stem cells
Muscle Extracellular Matrix Scaffold is a Multipotent Environment for Stem Cells Differentiation
Lectin-induced erythrocyte agglutination - A potential new non-invasive tool for the diagnosis of myocardial infarction

Image Cytometry 2

Photoswitchable flow cytometry for analysis of single circulating cells in vivo
Mapping spectral signatures of matrix components in decellularized lungs using excitation-scanning hyperspectral imaging
Kinetic measurements of cellullar parameter changes evoked by nanosecond pulsed electrical field
Single cell BH3-profiling: fingerprinting through image cytometry

TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2015
1100 - 1245

Cell Sorting, Chip Cytometry, Fluidics

Inkjet-printed cell-counting chambers with integrated on-chip sample preparation
Single cell isolation technology based on single cell self-seeding microwells
Integrated III-V semiconductor platform with capillary fill micro-fluidics for chip-based flow cytometry
Acoustic and Magnetic Methods for Cell Sorting and Single Cell Analysis in a Microfluidic Device
Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter Based on On-chip Micro Vapor Bubble Jet Flow

Flow Cytometry Data Analysis, Informatics 3

Earth mover's distance approach for quantitative analysis of multivariate changes in biomarkers measured by flow cytometry
Surface proteome of adipose stromal vascular subpopulations
The Tenets of Helper T-cell Classification: Checked and Challenged with 30-parameter Flow Cytometry
Automated analysis of 16-color polychromatic flow cytometry data maps immune cell populations and reveals a distinct inhibitory receptor signature in systemic sclerosis

Immune Monitoring, Therapeutics, Tumors 2

Patients Pre-Operative Immune States Correlate With Recovery From Surgical Trauma
Deep immunophenotyping by ChipCytometry reveals CD11c+B cell subset in inflamed tonsils
Quantitation of Germinal Centre T and B Lymphocytes in Lymph Node and Gut Biopsies during HIV Infection
Anti-TNF Therapy Restores Peripheral Blood B Cell Subsets and CD40 Expression in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Microvesicles and Particles

Scanning flow cytometry study of cell-derived microparticles and their aggregates in platelet-rich plasma
Standardization of flow cytometry-based determination of plasma microvesicles: recent progress.
Quantification of cell-derived microvesicles in blood
 High-Resolution Multiparameter Characterization of Individual Extracellular Vesicles by High Sensitivity Flow Cytometry
Functional Sorting of Extracellular Vesicles and Nanoscale Viral Particles with nanoFACS

Image Cytometry 3

Using Analysis of Cellular Heterogeneity in High Content Screening Data to Guide Compound Prioritization in Drug Discovery
Multifocal Multiphoton Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging for high speed protein-protein interaction monitoring by FRET in live cells and tissues.
Preparation of large and uniform cell monolayers for imaging application
Analysis of subcellular second messenger signaling events using spectral FRET microscopy and image cytometry approaches
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