2017 Program CYTO Innovation
Saturday, June 10, 2017
1500 - 1800

The advancement of cytometry depends on the translation of innovative research into useful, accessible tools that can catalyze new biological understanding. CYTO Innovation is the forum within ISAC that explores the challenges and opportunities for translation of new cell analysis technologies into commercially viable products and services. CYTO Innovation provides: an opportunity to learn about the translation of ideas and discoveries into products and knowledge; the skills required for progressing from a research finding to useful products with impact; a unique platform for showcasing innovation in relevant industry sectors; and engagement with a knowledgeable network of entrepreneurs, executives and other business people. CYTO Innovation is part of ISAC’s wider mission of advancing cytometry and aims to serve members and Congress attendees either engaged in or contemplating the translation of research into high impact products and services.  It is open to full congress registrants; no additional fees apply. 

Michael Pellini, President and CEO at Foundation Medicine, Inc. (CYTO Innovation Keynote)
 "Diagnostic Innovation to Improved Patient Care: Can we overcome the hurdles?" 
Joseph Victor, Venture Partner at 5AM Ventures
“Startup Funding - The whole story”

Showcase Your Innovative Technology at CYTO Innovation

A highlight of CYTO Innovation 2017, scheduled for Saturday, June 10, 3:00 to 6:00pm, is the technology showcases.  The 5-7 minute technology showcase presentations allow scientists and engineers who plan or have started to commercialize new technologies for cell analysis (instrumentation, software, labels, automation, …) to present their plans to an audience of cytometrists, other entrepreneurs, investors, and established business people to obtain feedback, develop contacts, and potentially funding connections. Several presenters from past CYTO Innovation sessions have entered business arrangements with large companies after their presentation. CYTO 2016 Innovation award winners will shortly describe the benefits of participation.
A technology showcase presentation should:
  • Define the proposed product or service.
  • Highlight the novelty of the idea/invention/service.
  • Identify the application area and the impact the technology will have on the practice of cytometry.
  • Describe the level of implementation/position in the product development plan.
  • Provide a short, concise description of the plan on how to take the idea to market.
  • Ask for feedback from members of the audience.
Application to present in the showcase should be submitted using the application form posted online. Main criteria for choosing the showcase presentations are aspects of the technology distinguishing it from existing technologies and its potential impact on science and/or medicine.

For the presentation at the conference the CYTO Innovation presentation template must be used.
Application Deadline: Monday, May 1, 2017
Email the completed application to the ISAC Office at: isac@isac-net.org.
Applications will be reviewed by the senior ISAC leaders and scientists who make up the CYTO Innovation steering committee.  Results of that review will be sent to applicants by Monday, May 16.