2017 Program Oral Presentation Guidelines


Speaker Ready Room – Room 300, Hynes Convention Center
The Speaker Ready Room will be open on Friday, June 9, from 1200 – 1700; Saturday, June 10, through Tuesday, June 13, from 730 - 1700; and Wednesday, June 14, from 730 – 1500.
Presenters are encouraged to test their presentations in the speaker ready room at least 4 hours prior to the start of their session. There is no uploading process for this conference but this will give you the ability of seeing that everything displays correctly on our DLP Projectors and give you a chance to make any adjustments prior to the session you will be presenting in. The DLP Projectors in the Speaker Ready Room will be the same as the ones used in all the session rooms.

Presentation Information and Instructions 
  • Speakers must arrive in the session room 45 minutes before their session begins. There will be a technician in each session room that will assist you with getting set up. The technician will load your talk onto the existing laptop or if you wish to use your own laptop assist you in getting tied into the DVI switcher in the room. This will eliminate any delays to the start of the session.
  • Session rooms will be equipped with a DLP projector, screen, a PC computer with open USB ports for flash drives, a laser pointer, as well as a wireless lavaliere microphone, table top microphone and aisle microphone. The laptop provided will be equipped with PowerPoint 2016 and Abode Acrobat Reader 11 (PDF-based). 
  • Speakers should create their presentations in a 4:3 format, and use standard fonts (e.g., Times New Roman, Helvetica, etc.). An unusual font may not translate to the computer provided for presenting. If you are using a font that is not standard, it should be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Enhance the legibility of text and diagrams by maintaining color and intensity contrast. Use white or light yellow text and lines on black or dark blue backgrounds, and use darker colors on white or light backgrounds. Avoid red or dark green on blue background, on white background, and avoid yellow.
  • We recommend that presenters bring a backup of their presentation on a USB flash drive and include all external files in their presentations including movies or sounds files to cover the possibility of luggage loss, theft, and/or incompatibility.
  • You do not need to bring your own laptop to the meeting room. However, if you would prefer to use your own laptop for your presentation, please review the following:  
    • Anyone choosing to use their own laptop should bring their power adapter and any required video adaptors in order to interface with the projectors. Verify the interface that your laptop uses. Our projectors use male DVI-D cabling. Mini Display Port (commonly used on Macs) and Full Size HDMI adapters will be available. If your laptop uses a different interface you will need to bring your own adapter that will connect to the male DVI-D cable to our switchers as they will NOT BE PROVIDED
  • Set the output resolution on your laptop to (1024 x 768). Know how to get the image to the external port of the laptop. Instructions are in each laptop operator's manual. (If the external port is not always "on," it is usually a function key, or combination of shift plus a function key, that may turn on the external port, or possible cycle through laptop screen, external port, or both.)