2017 Program SRL Education & Networking Event
From beginning to end, CYTO 2017 will feature tutorials, workshops, lectures, networking events and more that address the needs of Shared Resource Lab and core managers and staff. More information will be coming soon about SRL tutorials or workshops.

Saturday, June 10

18:00 – 19:30
Shared Resource Laboratory (SRL) Networking Event: Not just for “core managers”!
Come meet others who know and share your world in a SRL/core facility environment. This event will provide opportunities to network with colleagues at all career stages who share your visions and challenges working in a SRL. Find out about core oriented ISAC programs and educational sessions at CYTO 2017. Learn how we can work together to achieve success and promote our mission in a shared environment. This is your opportunity to provide feedback on the Shared Resources Laboratories Committee plans for the coming year. Snacks and beverages will be served.
Core Speakers and SRL Emerging Leader speakers:
  • Preview of the event by the organizers: Gert Van Isterdael, Christian Kukat and Radhika Rayanki (SRL Emerging Leaders 2016-2020)
  • Monica DeLay: Manager, Research Flow Cytometry Core, Cincinnati Children’s
Topic: The ISAC SRL Recognition Program
  • Attila Tarnok: Professor for Immunology and Cytomics, Editor-in-Chief “Cytometry Part A”, Fellow of the SPIE, Dept. Therapy Validation, Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI, Leipzig, Germany
Topic: Cytometry A activities for more involving the SRL community
  • Jessica B. Back: Vice-Chair, ASCP BOC Cytometry Examination Committee; Assoc. Director, Microscopy, Imaging, and Cytometry Resources Core, Wayne State University
Topic: The NEW Specialist in Cytometry Certification
  • Joanne Lannigan: Director, Flow Cytometry Core, University of Virginia School of Medicine
Topic: SRL Best Practices and CYTO U Certificate
  • Adrian Smith: Cytometry, Imaging and IT Manager at Centenary Institute, Sydney, Australia
Topic: SRL Emerging Leader Program
  • Andrew Filby: Director of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCCF) and Co-director of the Newcastle University Single Cell unit (NUSCU), Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Topic: Emerged or not emerged?….that is the question
  • Gelo Dela Cruz: Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager, The Danish Stem Cell Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
Topic: My Flow Journey: A Tale through Three Cities...
  • Jessica B. Back: Vice-Chair, ASCP BOC Cytometry Examination Committee, Assoc. Director, Microscopy, Imaging, and Cytometry Resources Core, Wayne State University, Detroit
Topic: The Impact of the SRL EL Program on My Professional Life

Networking/Social: Now it is time for networking and socializing!  You will get the opportunity to get to know each other at the table.