33rd Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry
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Information, Rules and Regulations

Who Should Exhibit?

  • Flow Cytometry Suppliers
  • Image Cytometer Suppliers
  • Laser Manufacturers
  • Laser Scanning Microscope Suppliers
  • Confocal Microscope Suppliers
  • Imaging/cell analysis Publishers
  • Analytical Software Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Microscopy Companies
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • High Content Screening Focus
  • Biological Imaging Focus

Exhibit Space Rental Fees

Each space is 3mx3m=9m except for the following numbers on the Second floor we have space #25 as 48m, # 26 is 48m, #84 is 4.5x2m=9m.  Third floor space 117 - 122 is 4.5x2m=9m and #128 =49m.  The cost is $366.66 per meter ($3,300) per space. 
The required 21% VAT Tax will apply to the following:
All Business to Business in EU and non-EU must pay VAT tax in advance.  If you have a valid VAT ID # please forward to Exhibit Management at exhibits@cytoconference.org for a refund. U.S. are exempt from VAT. 

Rental does not include a shell scheme.  If you wish to purchase the shell scheme, pricing will be available in the Service kit by mid-January.  Price will include an identification sign with company name if you order a shell scheme. The foyer area is not carpeted.

When you receive an invoice or if you order in advance you must pay the full amount on invoice.   Payment submitted by bank wire transfer must include an additional bank processing fee of $25 added to the booth fee total.

CYTO Priority Points System

Priority points are the participation and loyalty reward system for CYTO Exhibitors and Sponsors.  Accumulated points determine space selection order for next year's Congress.

Exhibitions accumulate Priority Points in three ways:

  1. Exhibit at the CYTO Congress 
  2. Become a Sponsor
  3. Host a commercial tutorial during the CYTO Congress
How are Priority Points accumulated with the purchase of exhibit space?

Companies receive one point per booth purchased, for a maximum of five points.  In the case of company mergers, exhibit management will use the highest number of years exhibited in calculating priority points. The priority point deadline to submit your application is Monday, December 18, 2017.  After December 18, 2017 we will assign by date received.


Cancellation or Reduction

Notification of an exhibitor's decision to cancel or reduce space must be made in writing. The effective date of space cancellation or reduction will be the date on which a written notice is received by Exhibit Management.

If space is canceled or reduced prior to January 4, 2018 50% of the cost of space will be retained.  No refunds will be given for any cancellations or reductions received after January 5, 2018; company will be responsible for full cost of space. 


Location Relative to Other Exhibits

Exhibitors may use the exhibit application to designate their preference for location near other companies or their wish not to be adjacent to or opposite designated companies.  These requests will be honored to the greatest extent possible in conjunction with assignment priorities and requests for specific locations on the floor. Every effort will be made not to relocate an exhibitor’s booth. However, should relocation be deemed necessary, the exhibitor will be notified.

Booth Relocation Policy

Every effort will be made not to relocate an exhibitor’s booth. However, should relocation be deemed necessary, the exhibitor will be notified.


Sub-leasing of exhibit space is not permitted. Neither may two companies share the same leased space.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Each exhibitor shall be responsible for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act within their booth and assigned exhibit space.

Commercial Tutorial Program

Commercial Tutorials provide your company an excellent opportunity to introduce new products, give in-depth technical demonstrations and present product updates. Space for commercial tutorials may be obtained for the following times:

Sunday, April 29         1230 - 1330
Monday, April 30         1230 - 1330
Tuesday, May 1           1230 - 1330

Wednesday, May 2      1230 - 1330

Cost for the one 60 minute Tutorial will be $3,000 (includes standard A/V equipment). Deadline to submit an application is January 9, 2018. Companies may not present more than two tutorial sessions.

Please Note:  All congress attendees, with a scientific registration badge, are permitted to attend any commercial tutorial session of their choosing. Exhibitors are not permitted to block entry of any scientific delegates, no matter their affiliation, from participation in their session.

Companies sponsoring a commercial tutorial should obtain wrist bands from the registration desk to access their own sponsored commercial tutorial session room the morning of their planned session.

Program Schedule

Copies of the Program will be available at the Exhibitor Registration Desk starting Sunday, April 30, 2018. We suggest exhibitors download the mobile app for the latest schedule and information about the Congress.

Service & Event Locations

Triumf Exhibitions - General Service Contractor
Foyer Level 3

Registration Desk/Congress Management
Registration desk, Ground Level
Speaker Ready Room
Room 2.1, Level 2
Commercial Exhibits
Foyer Level 2
Poster Sessions & Cyber Cafe
Foyer Level 3
Session Rooms
Congress Hall, Level 1 & 2
Forum Hall, Level 1 & 2
South Hall 1, Level 1
Panorama Hall, Level 1
North Hall, Level 2
South Hall 2A, Level 2
South Hall 2B, Level 2
Terrace 2A, Level 2
Terrace 2B, Level 2
South Hall 3, Level 3
Committee Meetings
Club Rooms A – H, Level 1

Prague Public Transportation

Prague's public transportation system has been rated as fifth in the world in the Sustainable Cities Mobility Index 2017 (compiled by Arcadis). The swift and efficient metro is in operation from 500-0000, and there are special night tram and bus services. Prague's Congress Center is located next to the Vysehrad metro station and is two stops (4 minutes) from the historic city center. It is 40 minutes by public transport from the airport. A ticket to use the public transport system for free will be distributed to all full Congress registrants onsite at the Congress Centre. More information will be provided before the meeting. For a map of the system, click here.


Key Contacts 

CYTO Exhibit Management
Kristofer Herlitz
9650 Rockville Pike  
Bethesda, MD 20814 USA

Tel: 646-278-9950 ext. 2095
Fax: 301 634-7014   
Email: exhibits@cytoconference.org

General Contractor
Triumf Exhibitions ca, s.r.o.
Jaromirova 54
12800 Praha 2,
Czech Republic
Phone: 420 274 818 065

Exhibits must be of an educational character and relevant to the registrants’ scientific and professional interests. ISAC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to accept or deny applications for exhibit space and to allocate space among exhibitors. By applying for exhibit space, an exhibitor agrees to adhere to all conditions and regulations outlined within this website. Conformity with these Rules and Regulations for this Congress will be monitored by Exhibit Management.

Each exhibitor is granted nothing more than a terminable license to exhibit, subject to all the rules herein. If it is decided that an exhibitor has failed to comply with any rule the license may be terminated and the exhibit closed without notice. In all interpretations of the Rules and Regulations, Exhibit Management's decision is final.

Space Assignment

Priority for space assignment is given according to the following system established by the CYTO Exhibits Advisory Committee. Each company will be given one point for each booth, for a maximum of five points for exhibiting. Points toward priority in space assignment will be maintained on a cumulative basis starting with those earned since May 2014.

Starting in 2014 any exhibitor who presents a one hour Commercial Tutorial and or Sponsors (under Exhibit Management items) will accumulate additional priority points.

In the event an exhibiting company merges with, buys, or is bought by another company, the highest number of points accumulated by either company will prevail as the point total for the new concern. Points are not combined to arrive at an exhibiting company's point status.  To obtain maximum benefit from the priority point system, applications for space must be received on or before December 18, 2017. Applications received after December 19, will be assigned in order of receipt. Since it is almost impossible to contact each company for new selections of space, please do not concentrate all choices in one area. Applications for space must be received by March 1, 2018 to be listed in the Program.

Note: Exhibitors wishing to create their own island booths or requesting island space other than those islands that pre-exist on the floor plan will be charged the full cost of all booths deleted to create such islands.

A 50-word description of products and/or services to be displayed in your booth must be submitted. This information will be published in the Congress Program provided that the application and description is received no later than  March 1, 2018.  The description must be submitted on-line. Instructions to key in this information will be included in the exhibit space confirmation packet.

Late Applications

Applications received after the March 1, 2018 deadline will be listed in the Congress App.


Exhibitor Badges

Exhibitor registration is now open, please click here to access the registration site.

Exhibit Personnel Badge - All exhibitors must register for badges. Exhibitors will receive 6 badges per 3mx3m space.  Additional badges may be purchased for $50.00 per badge.  Lost, misplace badges may be purchased onsite for $25.00 per badge.  All badges must be picked up on-site. Exhibitor registration desk will be open during the installation of exhibits starting Friday, April 27 and throughout the Congress. Exhibitors are granted access to the exhibit floor during Set-up/Tear-down as well as one hour before the exhibits open and one hour after the exhibits close on exhibit dates.  Exhibitor badges are STRICTLY for exhibit personnel working in your company’s booth.  For security purposes, these badges are NOT to be used for friends, clients, etc.  Exhibitor badges do permit entry to the CYTO Innovation Session, Robert Hook Lecture, and the Roger Tsien Keynote Lecture, but they do not permit entry to other scientific sessions.

Full Congress Attendee Badge - One Full Congress Attendee Badge will be provided to each exhibiting company.  The required 21% VAT tax (based on a $675 value) will be charged when you register.  This badge allows access to all sessions. The badge must be in the name of the exhibiting employee only.  If you misplace the badge during the meeting you must purchase a replacement. Any additional Attendee Badge  that you require can be purchased at the applicable Congress rate based on the membership category of the individual and date of purchase. For example, if the attendee is not a member of ISAC, the individual can register at the nonmember rate, plus applicable VAT. Please refer to registration deadlines listed at http://cytoconference.org/2018/Registration/Registration-Information.aspx as fees vary for early, advance, and onsite registration.

Guest of Exhibitor Badge - Up to 10 Guest of Exhibitor badges will be made available per company.  Guest badges are defined as individuals you wish to invite to view your display who would not otherwise be registering for the meeting.  The Guest of Exhibitor badge will permit entry only to the exhibit area from Monday, April 30 through Wednesday, May 2, 2018 during the official hours.  Guest badges will not permit attendance at scientific sessions.  You may register your guest names through the  registration system.

It is the responsibility of the exhibiting company to inform all guests of the rules and regulations for exhibiting, particularly the rules regarding General Conduct of Exhibits.

Every effort will be made to assure that only properly identified and authorized registrants enter the exhibit area. Exhibitors are responsible for the safe keeping of valuables, equipment, and personal items in their booth. The exhibit area will be cleared and closed at the end of the exhibition each day. Exhibitors are not permitted to stay late in their booth, past the official exhibition hours.


Exhibitor Registration Hours

The Exhibitor Registration desk will be located on the ground level of the Prague Congress Centre. The hours of operation are listed below:

Friday, April 27          0730 – 1700
Saturday, April 28      0730 – 1800
Sunday, April 29        0700 – 1900
Monday, April 30        0730 – 1900
Tuesday, May 1          0730 – 1800
Wednesday, May 2     0730 – 1600


Installation of Exhibits

Friday, April 27           0730  - 1700
Saturday, April 28      0730  - 1700
Sunday, April 29         0800  - 1600

Exhibits must be show ready by 1600 on Sunday, April 29, 2018.

Please note: Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the exhibit hall during set-up or dismantling of exhibits.

Exhibitors are urged to order in advance all services required. All exhibit material must be unpacked by designated time to permit the removal of empty crates and cartons from the exhibit area. Any exhibit not unpacked by this time will be placed in storage and can be returned only after the exhibits close on the first day of exhibiting, or will be ordered set up by Exhibit Management and all costs incurred will be charged to the exhibitor. No refuse, such as empty cartons, may be placed in the aisles after the final sweeping of the aisles in the exhibit area. Exhibitors are urged not to litter the floor in the booths or aisles after the cleaning of the exhibit area since time will not permit a sweeping of booths or aisles on opening morning.

Crate Storage

It is mandatory that empty crates, boxes and cartons be removed from the exhibit area before 1600 on Sunday, April 29. Do not store anything of value in crates going into storage.

Exhibit Dates and Hours

Sunday, April 29, 1800 - 2000
Welcome Reception 1800-1900

Monday, April 30, 1000 - 1900
Coffee Break 1000 - 1030
Coffee Break 1515-1545
Poster Session/Happy Hour 1715-1845

Tuesday, May 1, 1000 - 1700 
Coffee Break 1000-1030
Coffee Break 1445-1515
Poster Session/Ice Cream Social from 1515-1645

Wednesday, May 2, 1000 - 1545 
Coffee Break 1000-1030
Coffee Break 1525-1545

As a courtesy to the participants and your fellow exhibitors, it is requested that you open your exhibit on time each morning and staff it throughout the day until the scheduled closing hour. Deliveries or removal of equipment must be made before or after exhibit hours. A pass must be obtained from Exhibit Management to remove any material or equipment prior to Wednesday, May 2. Once the exhibit opens Wednesday morning, nothing may be removed until the exhibit is officially closed at 1545.

Exhibits Tear Down

Wednesday, May 2    1545 - 2100
Thursday, May 3    0800 - 1200

No packing of equipment, literature, etc., or dismantling of exhibits will be permitted until the official closing time. Violators will not be invited to exhibit at future meetings. IMPORTANT: To avoid any damage to your equipment, please remain in your exhibit until crates are delivered and labor is available.  The International Society for Advancement of Cytometry, FASEB Exhibit Management, the Prague Congress Centre and  Trimf Exposition cannot assume any responsibility for loss of or damage to exhibits, equipment, personal belongings, etc.

General Conduct of Exhibits

The following practices are prohibited:

1.   Noisy electrical or other mechanical apparatus interfering with other exhibitors.
2.   Operation of x-ray equipment.
3.   Canvassing or distributing any material outside the exhibitor's own space.
4.   Sub-leasing of exhibit space.
5.   The use of billboard advertisements must have Management approval.
6.   Publicizing and/or maintaining any extracurricular activities, inducements, 
      demonstrations or displays away from the exhibit area during the exhibit hours.
7.   Photographing, video taping, or examining another exhibitor's equipment without 
8.   Balloons of any kind.
9.   Entry into another exhibitor's booth without permission.
10. No catering allowed in exhibit booth.
11. Door drops in hotels.
12. Dismantling exhibits and leaving before official exhibit close at 1545, Wednesday, May 2, 2018. 

Exhibitors are requested to staff their exhibits with personnel attired in a manner consistent with the decorum of the meeting and knowledgeable in the products and policies of the company. Relevant portions of the foregoing prohibited practices are applicable to non-exhibitors at all times. Non-exhibitors may not solicit business from scientific registrants or companies exhibiting.

The use of open audio systems is discouraged. Requests to use an open audio system must be approved by the Exhibit Manager and the exhibitor must agree to discontinue its use if the sound level is deemed to be objectionable to the registrants or adjacent exhibitors.

ISAC Code of Conduct at Meetings and Other Society Activities
ISAC expects members and meeting attendees to behave in a courteous, collegial, and respectful fashion to each other, volunteers, ISAC staff, vendors, and meeting facility staff.  Attendees should abide by common-sense rules governing professional and personal interactions, and public behavior (including behavior in public electronic communications), and should show common courtesy to others, and respect for private property, including respect for the intellectual property of presenters. Demeaning, abusive, harassing, or threatening behavior towards other attendees or towards volunteers, ISAC staff, meeting management group, convention center staff, or security will not be tolerated, either in personal or electronic interactions. Scientific misconduct will not be tolerated at meetings or other society activities. Scientific misconduct is defined as an action that willfully compromises the integrity of scientific research, and includes plagiarism and the falsification or fabrication of data. Suspected cases of scientific misconduct should be referred to the Chair of the ISAC Ethics Committee for action.
ISAC Sexual Harassment Policy
It is the policy of the society that all members are responsible for ensuring that the ISAC community is free from sexual harassment in all communications and during the annual conference. The society strongly disapproves of inappropriate sexual behavior either at the annual conference or during any in-person or virtual society functions and communications. All members and event attendees should avoid actions or conduct which could be viewed as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexually harassing nature, when: (1) submission to the harassment is made, either explicitly or implicitly, a term or condition of a society community professional relationship; (2) submission to or rejection of the harassment is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting the individual; or (3) the harassment has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s professional standing or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. Acts of harassment will not be tolerated in relation to any society activity, including, but not limited to, the giving of awards and grants, fundraising, acceptance of abstracts, and handling of manuscripts.

Location Relative to Other Exhibits

Exhibitors may use the exhibit form to designate their preference for location near other companies or their wish not to be adjacent to or opposite designated companies. These requests will be honored to the greatest extent possible.

Booth Design

Standard in-Line Space
Height restriction is  2.9m and 10m' in yellow highlight area of the exhibit floorplan.

Space does not include a Shell Scheme. You must order with the Triumf Exposition or bring your own Shell Scheme. Your exhib ition plan, whether shell scheme or island MUST be sent to Triumf Exhibition for approval in advance. Please check deadline listed in the Exhibitor Prospectus. Hanging signs are not permitted.

Island Booths

In island booth units, bordered on four sides by aisles, the full cubic content of the space may be used. Models or to-scale drawings of cubic content exhibits must be submitted in advance to Exhibit Management for approval to avoid problems during exhibit set-up. Hanging signs are not permitted.

End Cap Booths

An End Cap Booth is a booth that has open sides on three aisles.  CYTO does not permit End Cap booths.

Use of Animals

The use of live animals, photographs and other forms of visual display of surgery being performed will not be permitted in exhibit booths.


Use of ISAC Society Name and Logo

The use of the ISAC name and/or logo is not permitted on signs inside or outside the exhibit area, or on descriptive product literature, EXCEPT reference may be made to the meeting as CYTO2018 (33rd Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry) (with place and dates) on the exhibitor's advertisement.

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