34th Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry

CYTO Innovation


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The advancement of cytometry depends on the translation of innovative research into useful, accessible tools that can catalyze new biological understanding. CYTO Innovation is the forum within ISAC that explores the challenges and opportunities for translation of new cell analysis technologies into commercially viable products and services. CYTO Innovation provides:
  • An opportunity to learn about the translation of ideas and discoveries into products and knowledge.
  • The skills required for progressing from a research finding to useful products with impact.
  • A unique platform for showcasing innovation in relevant industry sectors.
  • Engagement with a knowledgeable network of cytometry experts, entrepreneurs, executives and business development professionals.
CYTO Innovation is part of ISAC’s wider mission of advancing cytometry and aims to serve members and Congress attendees seeking to translate their research into high-impact products and services.  It is open to Full Congress Registrants; no additional fees apply. 

1430 – 1440           
Opening Remarks
 Elena Holden, Chair, CYTO Innovation Committee

1440 – 1530           
Keynote Presentation and Q&As
“Starting a Biotech: Going Over to the Dark Side or Seeing the Light”
Presented by Allen Eaves, Founder, President and CEO of STEMCELL Technologies Inc.
Academics never have enough funding for all the research they would like to do. So, selling methylcellulose culture media for growing blood-forming progenitors to research colleagues seemed like a good idea.  There were no patents involved as everyone knows how to make the media, we just made it better.  After a few years the hospital's administration decided we should form a company and buy the business from them.  To do this we mortgaged our house and got a loan from the British Columbia Government, officially going into business as STEMCELL Technologies, Inc. in July, 1993.  The business grew nicely and an immunomagnetic cell separation system was licensed in and developed to enrich for many cell types. Other culture media was licensed in, or developed internally, by a growing number of smart young PhDs and technicians who focused on quality. Growth has averaged 20% per annum over 25 years.  With 1200 employees, STEMCELL is now Canada's largest biotech company. 

1530 – 1540           Coffee Break

1540 – 1630           CYTO Innovation Technology Showcase
A highlight of CYTO Innovation 2019 is the Technology Showcase.  The 5-minute Technology Showcase presentations allow scientists and engineers who seek to commercialize new technologies and services for cell analysis to present their plans to an audience of cytometrists, entrepreneurs, investors, and business development professionals from established corporations.

1540-1545   Introduction, rules judges Elena Holden
1545-1550 Michael Stadinsky NovaFluors and InfiniFluors: Fluorescent Labels Engineered to Enhance Spectral Clarity and Multiplexed Detection Phitonex, Inc.
1550-1555 Russell Cole Microenvironment On Demand (MOD) - A Breakthrough Device For Immunotherapy Discovery Scribe Biosciences
1555-1600 Steven Graves A Revolution in High-Throughput Cell Analysis BennuBio Inc.
1600-1605 YongKeun Park Holotomography and Artificial Intelligence: From Label-Free Live Cells Imaging to Medical Applications Exploiting Cell Phenotypes Tomocube
1605-1610 Beverly Packard Quantitation of mRNA Levels in Live Cells OncoImmunin, Inc.
1610-1615 Yoke Khin Yap High-Brightness Dyes with Tunable Brightness StabiLux Biosciences, Inc
1615-1620 Nao Nitta AI Cell Sorter & Cell Analyzer K.K. CYBO
1620-1625 Kathrin Brenker Opto Biolabs -- Combining Optogenetics with Flow Cytometry Opto Biolabs
1625-1630   Technology showcase acknowledgements and closing  

1630 – 1710           Panel Discussion
“Experience is something that you get just after you need it”.

An expert panel will expound on the challenges faced by those engaged in innovation starting from academia and business. The panel will draw upon their collective experiences in founding and leading companies that impact on the cell-based sciences and unmet needs.
Moderator: Paul Smith, Biostatus.
Panelists: Allen Eaves, STEMCELL Technologies; Michael Stadnisky, FlowJo;   Bill Hyun, UCSF and Biotech Entrepreneur; James Taylor, Precision NanoSystems; Ryan Brinkman, BC Cancer Agency.
1710 – 1730           CYTO Innovation Awards and Networking

Please join us for enticing conversations and fun interactions!

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