34th Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Parallel Session 1: Application of High Parameter Cytometry to Disease I

Multi-Dimensional Functional Profiling Of Human Rhinovirus-Specific T-Cells By Means Of Spectral Flow Cytometry
Multi-omic single-cell analysis of the human antigen-presenting cell  compartment reveals tissue- and tumor-specific specialization

A computational pipeline for the diagnosis of CVID patients
Differential dynamics of the maternal immune system in healthy pregnancy and preeclampsia
Parallel Session 2: New Algorithms I

Multiview Machine Learning Increases Predictive Power in Clinical Flow and Mass Cytometry Datasets
Deep Cytometry Embedding (DiCE): a deep-learning approach for display and interrogation of multi-relational flow cytometry data
Characterising immune cell development in West Nile Virus infection using clustering and tracking algorithm
A  Computational  Approach  for  Automated   Biomarker   Discovery:   Identification   of   cell subpopulations involved in acute response to Chikungunya virus with CITRUS in Cytobank
Parallel Session 3: New Technologies I

Molecular Cytometry: Optimization, Characterization, and Application to Tumor Immunology
Parallel flow cytometry simplified
A High-Throughput Flow Cytometry Platform for Precision Drug Development Identifies Avenues for Improving Immunotherapy Targeting
Personal 1.5 kg Microvolume Photon Counting Cytometer for Cell and Biomarker Analysis
Parallel Session 4: Unique Instrumentation and Approaches

Rectangular flattop beam shaper for multi-wavelength lasers using a diffractive optical element
Repeated flow cytometry measurements along a single microfluidic channel in an optofluidic chip
Spheroid Painting with DRAQ9: Simple Identification and Measurement in 3D Cell
Combined high-throughput single-cell DNA genotyping and protein quantification

Monday, June 24, 2019

Parallel Session 5: Application of Multimodal Analysis to Disease Biology

Single Cell Systems Neuroimmunology Reveals Immunosuppressive Correlates with Ventricular Stem Cell Niche Contact in Human Glioblastoma
High risk glioblastoma cells revealed by machine learning and single cell signaling profiles
Using single cell systems immunology approaches to decipher phagocyte heterogeneity, signaling and transcription profiles in colorectal cancer
Mutimodal single-cell analysis identifies a novel pro-resolving macrophage subpopulation following acetaminophen-induced liver injury.


Parallel Session 6: New Sorting News I

Computational Sorting with HyperFinder
Vortex-Actuated Cell Sorting (VACS): single stream and parallelisation
High throughput fluorescence lifetime and dual color fluorescence activated droplet microfluidic sorter
The S6 Cell Sorter – A Novel 30-Parameter High Speed Cell Sorter
Parallel Session 7: 3D and Spatial Profiling of Cells and Tissue

Immune-tumor spatial architecture in breast cancer subtypes
Ultrafast label-free imaging cytometry enables massive and in-depth single-cell biophysical phenotyping
Intravital three-photon microscopy
Label-free High-Content SRS Image Cytometry for Rare Population Analysis at Sub- cellular Resolution
Parallel Session 8: New Technologies II

Application of Enzyme-assisted Signal Amplification in Upconversion Resonance Energy Transfer for DNA Detection and Quantification

Combining optogenetics with flow cytometry

Point-of-care 24/7 load & go flow cytometry in determining innate immune responses in trauma patients: the start of a new era
Applying novel technologies for development of a sensitive liquid biopsy for transcriptomic single- cell profiling of circulating Multiple Myeloma cells
Parallel Session 9: Small Particle Analysis

Development of a flow cytometer for nanoparticle detection
Bioprocessing of Nanoparticles and Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) in a Dynamic Cell System
Ultrafast microfluidic cell compressions for intracellular delivery of large macromolecules and particles
Engineered retroviruses as fluorescence reference particles for nanoscale flow cytometry

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Parallel Session 10: Application of High Parameter Cytometry to Disease II

High-dimensional single-cell profiling identifies an effector Treg molecular program governing human lung cancer disease progression
Exploring immune cell dynamics in inflammatory bowel disease and its therapeutic modulation by TNF-alpha blockade
Using High Parameter Cytometry to Delineate and Characterise Microglial and Infiltrating Inflammatory Monocyte Response Kinetics in West Nile Virus Encephalitis
The influence of heritable and environmental factors on immune homeostasis: An approach to elucidate mechanisms of autoimmunity and infectious disease susceptibility

Parallel Session 11: New Imaging Technologies

Highly sensitive imaging flow cytometry enabled by optomechanical image acquisition with a high-speed camera

Image-free "Imaging" Flow Cytometry
Label-free molecularly specific flow cytometry and beyond
The role of mitochondria, fission, fusion and tunneling in U87 MR glioblastoma cell line proliferation using quantitative, label free, holographic and tomographic time lapse analysis
Parallel Session 12: New Algorithms II

Machine Learning for Integration of Mass Cytometry with the Transcriptome, Microbiome, Proteome, and Metabolome for Prediction of Clinical Outcomes
Syzygy Forces: Using Immune Cell Networks to Reverse Immune Suppression in Spaceflight and Melanoma
Grow your own gating tree: Using machine learning to create and forward propagate a gating structure for exploratory and diagnostic methods
Cell-Type Specific Subspace Clustering Analysis of High-Dimensional Flow and Mass Cytometry Data for Data-Driven Identification of Difficult-to-Resolve Cell Populations
Parallel Session 13: Immune Landscapes

From bone marrow to peripheral blood: incidence of the G-CSF-mediated mobilization on cellular landscape
Deep Profiling of the Neonatal Immune System using CyTOF
Not only gene mutation matters: Development and validation of flow cytometry panel to determine BRCA1/2 deficiency and sensitivity to personalized therapy by PARP inhibitors in cancer
Bioprosthetic Total Artificial Heart implantation induces mobilization of non-KDR circulating  stem and progenitor cells in peripheral blood
Parallel Session 14: Standardization, Performance, Optimization

A Modified Injector and Sample Acquisition Protocol Improves the Data Quality and Reduces the Inter-Instrument Variability of the Helios Mass Cytometer

Flow Cytometer Characterization and Standardization in the HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials Network
Resolving spectra and resolving populations: quantifying performance in spectral flow cytometry

Reproducibility Project in Cancer Biology: Microscopy image acquisition, processing and analysis perspective on replication study no. 20

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 AM

Parallel Session 15: Cytometry in Infectious Disease and Asthma

Experimental severe malaria is resolved by targeting newly-identified  monocyte subsets with immune modulatory treatment

Multivariate analyses of high parameter spectral flow cytometry  and  plasma  analyte datasets reveal links between gamma delta T cell subsets and plasma markers of systemic inflammation and/or gut permeability with ART-suppressed HIV infection and healthy aging
Identification of a sepsis-specific neutrophil cellular signature using mass cytometry approach
Immune profiling of asthma patients using FlowSOM

Parallel Session 16: New Sorting News II

Surface Acoustic Wave Microfluidics for Cell Sorting Applications
Real-Time Image-Based Cell Sorting
Label-free separation of mesenchymal stromal cell subpopulations using acoustophoresis
An engineered bacterial community that enables magnetic sorting of single species to elucidate interbacterial metabolite fluxes in the mammalian intestine
Parallel Session 17: Application of Algorithms

Ditch the ball: automated optimal parameters for T-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding improve visualization and allow analysis of large datasets
Integration of Mechanistic Immunological Knowledge into a Machine Learning Pipeline Increases Predictive Power of Clinical Studies
High-dimensional data analysis developed for mass cytometry can successfully be used for spectral flow cytometry data
Immune Reconstitution in Pediatric HIV: Polychromatic Flow Cytometry and Machine Learning Reveal Cell Subsets Not Normalized with Treatment
Parallel Session 18: Biological Insights I

High-dimensional single cell mass cytometry analysis of the murine hematopoietic system reveals distinct alterations induced during immunoaging versus physiological pathogen challenges
Chromotyping: Single cell capture of multiplexed chromatin content to reveal functional cell states in human pathobiology

A metabolic cytometry evaluation of tamoxifen treatment and resistance in breast cancer

Single-cell RNA-seq reveals a transcriptional program distinguishing short- and long-lived plasma cells

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 PM 

Parallel Session 19: Mass Cytometry in Disease Studies

Mass Cytometry Profiling of Cell Signaling Pathways in Active and JAK inhibitor-treated Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients
CyTOF plus DISCOV-R analysis link the phenotype of rare autoreactive T cells with disease outcome in type 1 diabetes
Glucocorticoid-resistant leukemic B-cells undergo a phenotypic change that increases sensitivity to SRC/ABL inhibition
A year-long immune profile of the systemic response in acute stroke survivors
Parallel Session 20: High Sensitivity Disease Screening

Quantitative single cell detection of mutant IDH1 R132H protein in intraoperative and archival glioma specimens

Single Antibody  Assessment  of  T-Cell  Clonality  by  Flow Cytometry Rapidly Identifies T-Cell Neoplasms and Monotypic CD8- Positive Subsets of Uncertain Significance
Single-molecule immunoaggregation assay detects biomarkers in sub-microliter sample
Potential Application of Image Cytometry in Oral Cancer Screening

Parallel Session 21: New Imaging Applications in Hematology/Oncology

“Immuno-flowFISH”: Imaging flow cytometry for the assessment of chromosomal abnormalities in phenotyped chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells in suspension

Label-free cell-based diagnostics: leveraging machine learning to do more with less

Deep insights into tumor biology by a novel cyclic immunofluorescence imaging

Development of a deep learning approach to aid leukemia detection without immunophenotyping using imaging flow cytometry

Parallel Session 22: Biological Insights II

BCR-ABL-containing leukemic extracellular vesicles contribute to immunosuppression in chronic myeloid leukemia by controlling expression of Foxp3 and biology of regulatory T cells

Novel chemical platform for the mass cytometry-based multiparametric analysis of  cancer  activome

Live cell imaging of intracellular calcium and neural transcription factor oscillations: a new approach for understanding GABAergic differ

Agnostic clustering of RNA-Seq transcripts from single sorted nuclei identifies novel cell  types within maize organs


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